San Diego Probate Attorney and the Probate Process


The process of probate a will is very simple and starts with the will being registered with the San Diego Probate Court Clerk’s Office. Typically speaking, the very best thing to do is to work with a San Diego probate attorney and submit a petition to open probate. The function of the petition is to state when the decedent died, and who should be appointed as administrator or administrator, and to get a basic idea of what that person’s assets are, whether it’s real property or personal effects.

At that point, a hearing is set up where individuals can enter and object to the will. If nobody does that, the judge will confess the will to probate and designate an executor to administer the estate.

A San Diego probate Attorney will help you as an Executor

Banner to Steve Bliss Probate Attorney San DiegoThe executor does what you think of an administrator would do; they will get a tax recognition number from the Internal Revenue Service, open an estate checking account, and marshal all the properties, which means offering real estate and personal property and liquidating financial investment accounts and bank accounts. They will alert the decedent’s lenders that they have a specific quantity of time to file a claim in the court of probate, and when all claims are filed, the administrator determines which ones to accept and pay and which ones to decline.



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As soon as whatever is done concerning the possessions and the financial obligations, the administrator will then prepare a full accounting for the court of everything that’s happened and the court will arrange a hearing date at which individuals will have the ability to decide whether they approve the accounting or if they want to object. If no one things and the judge authorizes the accounting, the judge will sign a court order declaring the payment for the administrator and the attorney and distributes the rest to the successors.

Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys can help with Court Orders

If it’s authorized that a piece of realty is given to Joe and Mary Smith, then the court order will pass title to Joe and Mary Smith; they now own your house. With regard to whatever else, the executor will distribute the assets, whether they’re investment accounts, cash or personal effects, and there will be other small administrative jobs that must be finished after the accounting is approved and the judge signs a final court order, and there are other ministerial tasks that the attorney will need to look after. So, that’s the basic probate process in a nutshell.

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